Pediatric Eye Exams

Lifelong eye health starts here!

Pediatric Eye Exam

During our pediatric eye exams we determine your child’s visual acuity, binocular vision, and check their ocular health. Children can sometimes assume that everyone sees the way they do, and will not complain about a difference or challenge. 

At Dr. Jaclyn Chang, Optometrist, we recommend eye exams starting at 6 months and yearly afterwards. As 80% of learning occurs through vision, an eye exam before entering school and every year afterwards is highly recommended. We see children 6 months old and up. 

OHIP covers yearly exams for children and youth under the age of 20.

Don’t forget to bring your child’s OHIP health card with you!

What to Expect

A pediatric (under 20) eye exam will take 30-45 minutes and includes:
  • Vision
  • Glasses Prescription
  • Binocular Vision
  • Eye Pressure
  • Ocular Health: 
            – Front
            – Back (*may include dilation drops)

Please remember to bring a valid Ontario Health Card (OHIP) with you to your appointment!

Infant and Pre-Verbal Testing

We offer infant and pre-verbal eye testing using specialized testing tools. Babies should have their first eye exam between 6 and 9 months of age to test for the normal development of vision and general eye health. We recommend bringing your child when they are awake and alert. 

LEA Grating Paddles

This is a method to check for normal vision development 

    • Preferential looking test
    • Detection acuity

Kay Picture Test

Age appropriate diagnostic tool for infants and young children, accurate visual acuity testing for children as young as 18 months

    • Single crowded book
    • Linear crowded book
“The Kay Picture Test is the only fully researched and validated picture visual acuity test that provides consistent, subjective visual acuity earlier than letter and symbol tests.”
- Kay Pictures